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RiDP at a Glance

RiDP at a Glance will allow you to get a quick understanding of all the benefits being offered through the membership levels available within the Ricoh Developer Programs. These benefits are grouped into development tools, technical support, training and technical resources, as well as marketing resources and commercial opportunities.

Program Fees*

RiDP Program Level Benefits / Fees



Premier Plus*1

Premier Gold*2 Premier Platinum*3
Entry Fee Free $750 $3,500 $3,500 $3,500
Annual Membership Fee N/A $750 $4,500 $7,500 $12,500


Other Fees


Each Additional Developer Premier Plus
Technical Support Account (3 accounts included
with Premier Plus Membership)
$1,250 per year


Lab Usage

$150 per day
Onsite Technical Support (advance purchase for lab use) $200/2 Hour block
Onsite Technical Support (on demand for lab use if available) $300/2 Hour block


Technical Support


RiDP Program Level Benefits / Fees Basic Premier Premier Plus**
Annual Support Incidents   3 Unlimited
Optional Fee Based Incident Blocks   yes  
Fee Based Compatibility Testing      yes
Use of RiDP Lab - Fee based usage     yes
Access to Beta SDK's at Ricoh's request     yes


Incident Charge Blocks:      
3 = $600      
7 = $1,200      
10 = $1,500      


Development Tools

RiDP Program Level Benefits / Fees Basic Premier Premier Plus**
PCL Command Set   yes yes
PJL Command Set   yes yes
PostScript Local Operator   yes yes
Standard MIB Specification   yes yes
Private MIB Specification   yes yes
PC Fax API   yes yes
Embedded Software Architecture SDK     yes
Device Browser   yes yes
Web BrowserNX     yes
SmartSDK     yes


Training and Marketing Resources


Access online training upon membership acceptance     yes  
Ricoh Conference Participation     yes  
Press Releases     yes  


* All Fees subject to change without notice.

*1 Exclusive program for Independent Software Vendors who derive 100% of company income from sales of their software developed products.