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Program Overview

RiDP offers a three-tier membership model designed to meet the varying requirements of commercial developers. Each of these tiers offers differentiated access to development tools, engineering support, technical resources and training, and includes a wide range of marketing benefits to help commercial developers market their products in the most successful way. Following is a detailed description of each membership level.

Premier Membership

For more advanced development requirements, Premier Membership provides developers with access to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) along with extended technical support and resources. Premier Membership is priced at $750 for each year of Membership.

The following tools are available to Premier Members:

  • PCL Command Set
  • PJL Command Set
  • PostScript Local Operator
  • Standard MIB Specification
  • Private MIB Specification
  • SmartDeviceMonitor API
  • Device Browser

In addition to RiDP Technical Q&A Database access, developers can count on e-mail support from our Engineering team to help solve development issues. Premier Members are offered 3 support incidents per year. Marketing benefits are also available to Premier Members, namely use of the "RiDP Premier Member" logo on their company web site and/or communication materials. Premier Members may also be invited by Ricoh to advertise their solutions on the RiDP Online Catalogue, or to participate in Ricoh press releases, publications and events.

Premier Plus Membership

Exclusive program for Independent Software Vendors who derive 100% of company income from sales of their software developed products.

Premier Plus is the highest level of Membership and comprises access to powerful Software Development Kits (SDKs), as well as extensive support, technical resources and training. Premier Plus Membership provides Developers the best resources to market their products and opens the way to plentiful commercial opportunities. In order to become a Premier Plus Member, companies will be required to pay an initial membership fee of $4,500 for the first year, and $4,000 for each additional year.

Premier Plus members have access to the full set of RiDP development tools which include:

  • PCL Command Set
  • PJL Command Set
  • PostScript Local Operator
  • Standard MIB Specification
  • Private MIB Specification
  • SmartDeviceMonitor API
  • Device Browser
  • GlobalScan SDK
  • Embedded Software Architecture SDK/J

These high-level SDKs allow Developers to create embedded applications which run on multifunction devices and printers, or to integrate GlobalScan with Document/Content Management Systems. Detailed information on these SDKs is available in the Tools section. To support the advanced development needs of Premier Plus Members, Members are allowed unlimited e-mail support incidents from the RiDP Engineering team. They may also search through the RiDP Technical Q&A Database, or make use of technical resources such as white papers and available sample code. In order to shorten the time to market new applications, Premier Plus members are also, by invitation, given access to beta versions of SDKs. Members are also entitled to attend one session per year of classroom training on the Embedded Software Architecture SDK and/or the GlobalScan SDK. Each company may enroll a maximum of 3 developers per class. Training will take place in West Caldwell, NJ. It is Ricoh’s objective to help Premier Plus Members achieve not only an efficient development cycle, but also a successful market launch of their products.

Marketing Resources available to Premier Plus members are:

  • Posting of Member company logo on the RiDP public home page
  • Advertising of Member solution(s) on the RiDP Online Catalogue
  • Using the "RiDP Premier Plus Member" logo for promotional activities

Premier Plus Members may also be invited to participate in Ricoh press releases, Ricoh supported tradeshows and exhibitions, as well as publications and advertising materials.

DocumetMall Membership

Businesses run on documents and the RiDP DocumentMall™ member level gives software developers the tools to add on-demand document management capabilities to their solutions. DocumentMall™ is Ricoh’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) document management solution which provides companies with the ability to store, retrieve, manage and share electronic as well as scanned paper documents using the Internet. The DocumentMall Member level provides access to a powerful SDK from which to customize applications for the DocumentMall™ on-demand platform.

DocumentMall™ membership fee is $1,000 annually which includes up to 7 email support system incidents. Additional email support incident blocks may be purchased as necessary and utilized by up to three (3) in-house developers. Ricoh will conduct a verification of developers’ skills prior to program acceptance and a signed contract is required.