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Device SDK Type J SDK/J

Please note that the SDK/J platform is deprecated. RiDP continues to support SDK/J in a maintenance capacity. We recommend all new development focus on modern SmartSDK devices using the SmartSDK APIs.

Ricoh’s Device SDK Type-J (SDK/J) is a state-of-the-art application development environment that allows for the creation of customized embedded applications that run on Ricoh Multifunction Products and Laser Printers. SDK/J is based on the Java ME technology and controls most aspects of device operation, including the control panel, and core capabilities such as printing, scanning, faxing and saving files.

What is the Device SDK Type-J (SDK/J)?

Ricoh’s Device SDK Type-J (Software Development Kit/Java) is an application tool kit that allows Developers to create customized Java-based embedded solutions for the Ricoh Group MFPs and LPs.

What does SDK/J enable the Developer to control on the MFP or LP?

The SDK/J provides Developers with the ability to design applications that control most aspects of device operation, including the control panel, as well as core capabilities such as printing, scanning and saving files.

Why was Java™ programming language selected for SDK/J?

Java™ was selected for four reasons:

To support the rapid growth of Web-based solutions and services
To leverage the large number of engineers utilizing Java
To employ a machine-independent language
To promote future growth and expandability

Are the SDK/J Class Libraries standard across the Ricoh product line?

Yes. The SDK/J Class Libraries are standard across Ricoh’s product line, which makes it possible for Independent Software Vendors, Systems Integrators, or other Developers to bring solutions to market quickly. Ricoh is committed to maintaining the value of these solutions going forward through stability and backward compatibility in its Java offerings.

What kind of solutions can be developed with SDK/J?

Some suggested applications include:

Panel Operation-Oriented “Thin Client,” a type of Java™ application that uses the MFP as a focal point for paper-based workflow
Examples include scan-to-server and print on demand
Java™ Servlet Based Web Application, including Web server applications such as device monitoring.
Background Application, a Daemon-type of application such as Web service print server

What does SDK/J include?

The SDK/J provides members with the following:

MFP/LP class
Technical Documentation
Sample Code
PC-based MFP Emulation