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Platform Detail

The Ricoh Developer Program™ offers a large collection of development tools suitable for all levels of developers. Tools can range from simple Command Sets to powerful Software Development Kits (SDKs). Access to development tools depends on the membership level to which developers subscribe: the higher the level the more tools are available for download. If you want to know more about RiDP™ development tools, just register for Basic membership, which is entirely free. You will then gain access to the member area of the web site where you will find detailed information about each tool, as well as additional documentation like brochures or white papers.

Ricoh Device Interfaces

  • PCL Command Set
  • PJL Command Set
  • Standard MIB Specification
  • Private MIB Specification
  • PostScript Local Operator
  • PC Fax API
  • RPCS Driver API
  • SmartDeviceMonitor API

Device SDK Type J SDK/J

Ricoh’s Device SDK Type-J (SDK/J) is a state-of-the-art application development environment that allows for the creation of customized embedded applications that run on Ricoh Multifunction Products and Laser Printers. SDK/J is based on the Java ME technology and controls most aspects of device operation, including the control panel, and core capabilities such as printing, scanning, faxing and saving files.

Document Mall

DocumentMall provides businesses with powerful document managements features, built in disaster readiness, and anytime / anywhere access to business critical documents at a fraction of the cost of conventional in-house solutions. Developed on EMC Documentum’s enterprise document management platform and adapted by Ricoh as a multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution, DocumentMall incorporates features not found in traditional Documentum such as integration with Ricoh Multifunctional Products (MFPs) for direct and secure scanning to DocumentMall as well as automatic OCR and PDF conversion and more.

Device Browser

The Device Browser is a web browser application that can run on a Ricoh Device. The Device Browser consists of the browser engine module and the Ricoh extended JavaScript processing module. With the browser engine module, the Device Browser obtains HTML files from a server and displays the obtained HTML files to the operation panel of the Ricoh device. The Ricoh extended JavaScript processing module, allows for the Ricoh Browser to control some of the Ricoh device native functions like scanner.