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Developing with Ricoh

Developer Program (RiDP)

Innovating Technology is central to our Ricoh Developer Program (RiDP), which gives Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) access to the support, tools, and services needed to integrate new or existing solutions with Ricoh hardware and software products.

There is a growing demand for innovative solutions that can expand the capabilities of new technology to match the specific needs of different end users.

Joining our Ricoh Developer Program (RiDP) helps you to meet these challenges by opening the doors to our technical and engineering ecosystem. RiDP gives Developers the tools they need to integrate with our advanced technology – making it faster and easier to create tailored applications that will mirror the changing needs of progressive companies, customers and universities everywhere.

The Ricoh Developer Program (RiDP) brings together all the consultancy services, development tools, engineering support and training resources you need to ensure your customized solutions will meet and exceed customers needs and expectations. We focus on giving you unique insight into our advanced technology, enabling you to integrate innovative applications and unique business processes with Ricoh technology.

Our flexible RiDP membership structure enables us to fulfil the needs of commercial Developers and software vendors.

Our engagement process ensures that you join at exactly the right level to maximize the benefits you receive from the program. RiDP can be your rapid answer to gaining improved business agility in today’s dynamic markets. With Ricoh behind you, you can grow your business with confidence, knowing that you are supported by a global document expert.

From the moment you apply to join our program, and throughout the onboarding process, we work to understand, from the beginning, your development needs and will recommend a program of support designed to support your roadmap.

Facilitating the development of software applications that enhance Ricoh’s broad range of multi-functional devices, our priority is in delivering optimum support to our members – and continuing to drive and accelerate that development.

We pride ourselves not only in providing a second-to-none technical support program, but in having a program that showcases Ricoh’s capabilities, aligning the program with the latest Ricoh technologies and supporting collaboration opportunities that can deliver innovation through the adoption of the latest technology and Ricoh platform.

RiDP can be a channel for innovation and members of RiDP form part of a developer eco-system, joining a hub of development activity and exciting potential.

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