GlobalScan, also called GlobalScan Server Software, turns a Ricoh Multifunctional Product (MFP) into a network scanner, enabling the system to serve as an enterprise-wide digital document routing system. The user simply scans documents from the control panel of the MFP directly to e-mail or to a folder. In addition, the user can perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR), fax and Document/Content Management System functions via optional Frameworks. This powerful, yet easy-to-use, paper document capture and distribution system integrates with an existing mail infrastructure to significantly boost workgroup productivity by combining e-mail functionality within an accessible copier platform. Most importantly, dramatic cost efficiencies are gained by speeding throughput of common business transactions that may otherwise require slower and more costly methods of communication. 


Is it possible to customize GlobalScan™ to address specific Document/Content Management System requirements?

Yes. Through the GlobalScan Software Development Kit (SDK), Developers can create middleware to integrate with Document/Content Management Systems.


What is the GlobalScan™ SDK?

The GlobalScan SDK is a programming package that enables developers to design middleware to Ricoh hardware and software, using common development languages (C++, Visual Basic) and methods.\


What does the GlobalScan™ SDK include?

The comprehensive GlobalScan SDK includes the following:

  • APIs
  • Sample Code
  • PC-based MFP Emulator
  • Utility Library
  • Technical Documentation


How can I obtain the GlobalScan™ SDK?

The GlobalScan SDK is available through Premier Plus Membership of the Ricoh Developer Program.


What are the system requirements for an MFP running a GlobalScan™ Framework or Plug-in?

The system requirements for MFPs running a GlobalScan Plug-in are as follows: 

  • 96MB or 256MB RAM (depending on model*)
  • NIC (Network Interface Card) option for all products
  • Printer DIMM w/ NIC
  • Local Hard Disk Drive required (standard on most models)
  • TCP/IP Network Access

*Ask your authorized sales representative for specific models.